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  • We are looking for exterior collaborators to find out new markets |
  • Clothing tunic offer request from Morocco | Importers
  • Elegance Clothing For Womens | Offer to Sell
  • Past season clothings are available with big discounts | Offer to Sell
  • Tunic - Islamic wear asked from UAE | Importers


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  • Baby feeding products export prices requested in Tunisia | Importers
  • Clothing fabrics demanded from Tunisia | Importers
  • Cosmetics products of all types price request from Tunisia | Importers
  • Hydraulic grab machine buy inquiry from Tunisia | Importers
  • Mitsubishi engine 6d24 needed in Tunisia | Importers


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  • Agricultural mini tunnel liner machine need in Italy | Importers
  • hand, wrist, brace | Offer to Sell
  • Inquiry for tunnel boring machine from Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Requirement of car washing tunnel from Kenya | Importers
  • Tunnel layer machine for a farm in Algeria | Importers


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  • Car Wash Tunnels | Importers
  • Fans for shrink tunnels | Importers
  • Mini Tunnels Layer Machine request from Romania | Importers
  • Plastic tunnels for greenhouses | Importers
  • Solar De-Hydration Tunnels needed in Pakistan | Importers


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  • Cloth seal for gas turbine-gef9 inquiry to import to Iran | Importers
  • Hydro turbine demanded from Congo, Dem. Repub. of | Importers
  • Jordan to get vanadium inhibitor from Turkey | Importers
  • Machinery equipments required in Ethiopia | Importers
  • Vanadium inhibitor additives for gas turbine demanded in Iraq | Importers


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  • Egypt to interest on heavy equipment turbos from Turkey | Importers
  • Komatsu heavy machinery spare parts inquiry from Iran | Importers
  • Trucks turbocharger balancing machine needed in Algeria | Importers
  • Turbocharger needed in Kenya | Importers
  • Turbochargers and components required from Zimbabwe | Importers


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  • Black olives are looking for companies who want to import from Turkey, green olives and olive oil. | Offer to Sell
  • Mas Automotive Turkey | Offer to Sell
  • Polyestyrene PS sheets for diary industry request in Turkey | Importers
  • Request to buy for almond from Turkey based company | Importers
  • Tractor spare parts buy inquiry in Turkey | Importers


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  • Enquiry of turkish delight to import to Palestine | Importers
  • Turkish Black Olive | Offer to Sell
  • Turkish delight buying request from Bulgaria | Importers
  • Turkish pide, etliekmek, lahmacun to export to UK | Importers
  • Turkish shirt tailors required to work with in United Kingdom | Importers

Turkish Coffee

Importers | Suppliers
  • Coffee | Offer to Sell
  • Georgian client want to buy Turkish coffee on sand machine | Importers
  • Turkish coffee and tea agency request from Pakistan | Importers
  • Turkish coffee buying demand from Turkey | Importers
  • Turkish coffee sets asked to export to Lebanon | Importers

Turkish Delight

Importers | Suppliers
  • Enquiry of turkish delight to import to Palestine | Importers
  • Turkish delight buying request from Bulgaria | Importers
  • Turkish delight inquiry from Sri Lanka | Importers
  • Turkish delight to buy from Russia | Importers
  • Turkish delights wholesale buy inquiry from Canada | Importers

Turkish Delights

Importers | Suppliers
  • Baklava, confectionery, chocolate and cookies | Offer to Sell
  • Turkish delights asked to supply in Brazil | Importers
  • Turkish delights manufacturing cooperation request in Pakistan | Importers
  • Turkish delights requested to import to Iraq | Importers
  • Turkish delights wholesale buy inquiry from Canada | Importers


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  • Caustic soda plant turnkey offer request from Ethiopia | Importers
  • Concrete patch plant to set up to Egypt | Importers
  • Reliable commercial/contract furniture partner | Offer to Sell
  • Turnkey operation room asked from Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Turnkey plant of tissue culture laboratory equipment enquiry from South Africa | Importers


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  • Turnstiles | Importers
  • Turnstiles offer request from Egypt | Importers
  • Turnstiles suppliers, exporters, manufacturers from Turkey | Importers


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Importers | Suppliers
  • Consumer electronics to supply in Jordan | Importers
  • LED TVs home electronics buying request from Portugal | Importers
  • LED TVs import price request from Morocco | Importers
  • Television import inquiry from Ethiopia | Importers
  • TV units importing to Saudi Arabia | Importers

Tv Stand

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Tv Stands

Importers | Suppliers
  • Hotel furniture all kinds supply from Turkey to Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Inquiry of TV panels from Iraq | Importers
  • TV units importing to Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • TV wooden stands catalog request request from Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Wooden tv units catalogue request from Saudi Arabia | Importers

Tv Unit

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Importers | Suppliers
  • Balewrap twines buy inquiry from Belarus | Importers
  • Greenhouse baler twine demanded from Ukraine | Importers
  • Jordan to inquire for pp twine production line to supply from Turkey | Importers
  • Twine and ropes required to import to Croatia | Importers
  • Twines, nets import inquiry from Croatia | Importers


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  • Double twist bunchers for copper wires quotation from Turkey | Importers
  • Greek company want to import twist off lids | Importers
  • GT12TD4D Polyester Texturing Machine | Offer to Sell
  • ROPP and Twist-off closure bor bottles import to Iran | Importers
  • Zero Twist Pva yarn for Towel Weaving | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers
  • Black twisted wire import to Israel | Importers
  • Egypt asking price of Twisted Yarn | Importers
  • Twisted cable price request from Iraq | Importers
  • Twisted chocolates inquiry from United Arab Emirates | Importers
  • Twisted iron rods price request from Morocco | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Biscuit products offer request from Morocco | Importers
  • Enquiry for purchase of 3-phase cast resin type dry transformer | Importers
  • TPU compound material extrusion type required in Ukraine | Importers
  • Wheat flour type E55 request from Madagascar | Importers
  • Wheat flour type E55 to import to Madagascar | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • All types of cranes supply from Saudi Arabia | Offer to Sell
  • Cosmetics products of all types price request from Tunisia | Importers
  • Epoxy resins all types to import to Tunisia | Importers
  • Perfumes fragrances all types to import to Mayotte | Importers
  • Shoes all types import inquiry for online sales in Albania | Importers


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  • Atv tyres enquiry to import to New Zealand | Importers
  • Business inquiry for plasticizers from Bangladesh | Importers
  • Company from Kenya interested in tyres | Importers
  • Pneumatic tyre rim machinery needed in Tunisia | Importers
  • Tires buying request from Portugal | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Dairy products inquiry to import to Kuwait | Importers
  • Food products quotation from Maldives | Importers
  • Full cream milk needed in Afghanistan | Importers
  • Import inquiry for dairy products from Iraq | Importers
  • Milk products purchasing demand from Maldives | Importers


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  • Single Chamber Cleaning Machine | Offer to Sell
  • Sterilizing and Disinfecting Medical Devices | Offer to Sell
  • Ultrasonic cleaner for hospital inquiry from Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator import request from Pakistan | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • AB scan machine quotation request from Kenya | Importers
  • Importing ultra sound machines to Egypt | Importers
  • Inquiry about ultrasound paper Hg from Iran | Importers
  • Nepal to import medical doppler ultrasound system from Turkey | Importers
  • Ultrasound scan paper and gel price inquiry from Ghana | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Beach umbrella and awning umbrella inquiry from Jordan | Importers
  • Fabric for sun umbrellas required in Serbia | Importers
  • Outdoor umbrellas buying demand from Oman | Importers
  • Requirement of umbrella in Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Umbrella purchase demand from Iraq | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Cooperation with Pipe and Hose manufacturers from China | Offer to Sell
  • Looking for sole distributors | Offer to Sell
  • Quotation for mv underground cables from Djibouti | Importers
  • Request to give underground water services from South Africa | Offer to Sell
  • Water Hoses, Undergound Water Pipes and Connectors | Offer to Sell
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